Claire Beckett Series

My new ability could get me killed.

I’m Claire Beckett, the newest detective in Crescent City and I can see runes around dead bodies. Life would be perfect if I didn’t have to deal with the werewolf mayor and finding out that my mother lied to me about her ties to this place.

Bodies are dropping throughout the city, similar to a group of cold cases I’ve found.

The killer’s ready to kill again and if history has anything to do with it, he’ll continue to hunt until he’s had his revenge.

But the more we keep digging, connections to both me and my partner amp up the need to find this killer and get him behind bars before the city begins to panic.

Crime never sleeps in Crescent City, but I wish murder would take a day off.

Two weeks ago, I was a regular beat cop in Boston. Now I’m here in the city, recovering from an injury the shapeshifter gifted me when I found the girl he’d kidnapped at the end of a string of bodies he’d left throughout the city.

And now tensions are high among the vampire covens, leading to the death of the Onyx Mark coven leader.

Evidence initially leads to the shifters, but I know better than to accuse them of anything without a solid connection to them.

But my job isn’t the only thing on my mind. Finding my best friend dead, moving to a new town, and coming to grips with living in a paranormal world are just a few.

And despite my attempts to find the woman who claims to have grown up with my mother, she might as well be a ghost at this point.

The one person keeping me grounded is Heath, Mayor of the city and my new protector. But can he keep me safe from a vampire bite? Or are things about to get bloody?

A secret society for witches.

I’d always just thought those were for privileged college students, but it turns out I was wrong.


Not to mention my half-sister, Nina, is in town claiming she’s hearing voices. If only there was an easier way to break her into the paranormal world than just telling her our family tree consists of witches and still to be determined paranormals.

I’ve survived a shapeshifter attack, nearly been lunch for a murdering vampire, and now I’ve stumbled onto The Black Order, the small group of powerful witches who secretly control the fate of the Shadowmoon Coven. At least that’s what they’re telling me.

Heath warns me about getting closer to them, but solving a murder to learn more about my mom’s past is worth the risk. I just hope I can make it out without pledging my soul.

Not many half-breeds can wield the type of powers I’ve been gifted. I just wish I knew how to call them out when I need them.

I’ve been in Crescent City now for over six months and have fought killer shapeshifters, vampires, and witches. Sure, not all of them have stayed in custody, but it was my goal to remedy that.

Because Lee Vance was still the star of my nightmares.

After a break-in of my car, I’m forced to head to the newest Magic Guild conference where I’m to pose as security while I’m really just there to have Heath protect me. And get this, his ex, Ashtyn Roc, shows up wanting him back.

When Heath goes missing, I have to work with Ashtyn since the kidnapper has demanded we both participate on this treasure hunt.

I want Heath back, but I don’t know if working with her will be good, especially since we’re both after the same man. And every time Ashtyn reveals something about Heath I didn’t know, or about their past together, the jealousy monster roars up inside me.

But time is running out, and if we don’t get everything for the antidote in time, we just might lose Heath.